Dr. Greg Goss

Dr. Greg Goss (Co-Leader)
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Greg Goss is the Killam Annual Professor at the University of Alberta.  His research program focuses on two major areas. The first is the genomic and proteomic responses of zebrafish to environmental toxins and the development of the zebrafish as a model for use in toxicology. He also has a second, less applied research program examining ion transport characteristics and acid-base regulation in fishes. He currently leads a large research group (~10 HQP) at the University of Alberta investigating the biological  and toxicological interactions of Nanomaterials with fishes. He serves on editorial boards for the Canadian Journal of Zoology. He is the past winner of the Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award, the Canadian Society of Zoologists Early Investigator Award and the American Physiological Society Young Investigator Award. Dr. Goss also serves on the board for numerous national and international societies and regularly organizes seminars and meetings at international venues. He has participated on the Health Canada Expert Panel on the Occupational Health and Safety of Nanoparticles and is a member of the US EPA STAR grants panel on nanotoxicology with regards to fate, transport and biotransformation of nanoparticles in the environment. He is interviewed regularly in local and national media for his involvement in environmental issues and stewardship of the environment. He also has numerous, established contacts with individuals in Canada, the UK, and the US who are researching the effects of nanomaterials on aquatic organisms.

Dr. Geoffrey Sunahara (Co-Leader)
National Research Council of Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Geoffrey Sunahara, Senior Research Officer and the Group Leader of Applied Ecotoxicology at BRI, researches exposure- and effects-assessment of various toxic and persistent pollutants. He has >80 publications and holds academic joint appointments at Concordia and McGill. Dr. Sunahara leads a core research project “Development of ecotoxicological tools to assess nanomaterials” with a focus on the toxicological effects of nano-TiO2 and quantum dots using freshwater algae, and cultured mammalian and invertebrate cells. Dr. Sunahara has served on several editorial boards, and he was the Lead Editor of a recent ecotoxicology book “Environmental Analysis of Contaminated Sites.” He has participated on expert advisory committees for Environment Canada, NSERC, SERDP, US-EPA research projects, and the Canadian Advisory Committee/ISO TC229 on Nanotechnologies. Dr. Sunahara has led a number of high revenue, multi-disciplinary collaborations. Dr. Sunahara was a co-recipient of the Frances Beaupré Outstanding Service Award of the Technical Cooperation Program of international defense departments (CA, USA, UK, AU, and NZ). Dr. Sunahara has established contacts with a number of key players in the international nanomaterial toxicology community (US and EU).

Theme 1 – Production and Characterization 
Jon Veinot (Leader) – University of Alberta
Robert Burrell – University of Alberta
Cynthia Goh –  University of Toronto
Ralph Sturgeon – Institute for National Measurement Standards (INMS)
Benoit Simard – Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences (SIMS)
Darren Anderson – VineNano

Theme 2 – Characterization and Detection
Kevin Wilkinson (Leader) – Université de Montréal
Cynthia Goh –  University of Toronto
Chris Metcalfe – Trent University
Charles Wong – University of Winnipeg
David Wishart – University of Alberta

Theme 3 – Biological  Toxicology Testing
Greg Goss (Co-Leader) – University of Alberta
Geoff Sunahara (Co-Leader) – Biotechnology Research Institute
Caren Helbing – University of Victoria
John Luong – Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI)
Chris Metcalfe – Trent University
Keith Male – Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI)
Luke Masson – Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI)
Jim McGeer– Wilfrid Laurier University
Pierre-Yves Robidoux – Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI)
James Stafford – University of Alberta
Maria Stepanova – National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT)
Kevin Wilkinson – Université de Montréal

Theme 4 -Legal and Regulatory
Lori Sheremeta – National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT)
Sylvia Chan-Remillard – Golder Associates Ltd.

Scientific Advisory Panel
Richard Di Guilio – Duke University, USA
Larry Kapustka – SLR Consulting, Canada
Richard Handy – Plymouth University, UK

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